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Whether you're a victim of homophobia, living in fear of religious persecution, or an American fearful of Trumpland, we are here to help you escape from your unfortunate situation into the politely welcoming arms of a cozy Canadian who wants to spend the long cold winter snuggled up keeping you safe and warm!


Gay marriage: Your LGBTQ+ elders fought for it, your country is cool with it, and yet you still haven't met that perfect someone to crawl into your igloo? Well now you can fill lonely hole in your soul (and a number of other holes) by exercising your God given right to exercise your government given right to sell your gay marriage to the sexiest and/or highest bidder!


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As a visitor, simply fill in your profile, and we will match you with the queer Canadian of your dreams!

Canadians, once you've decided you want take someone into your country, home, heart and soul, you can browse our ever growing collection of the hottest potential immigrants on the net!


Work those words

Chat with your matches and figure out which one you want to marry the most! Then all you need to do is learn about each other - tell them about what makes you you, ask questions which reveal the nature of your potential future partner, negotiate your price, and let your love blossom!


Homo Escrow

Canadian law requires you to be married for 3 years or you can be kicked out of the country, so to protect both you and your Canadian we will hold your "wedding gift" safely and securely in an escrow account for 3 years into your wedded bliss!



According to Statistics Canada and mathmatical science, with a population of over 35 MILLION people and a 1.7% rate of homosexuality, Canada is home to over 125,000 same sex couple which leaves you with over 250,000 unmarried gay Canadians to potentially marry!

Turn a desperate situation into loving profit

Join now and your sorrowful tale of woe can be magically wiped away as you become one of the ever growing number of successful loving and/or financially compatible couples brought together on!

// 12,655

Womyn love Canada for the year round flannel, world class softball teams, constitutionally protected topless rights, and endless miles of dog and truck friendly 4x4 roads!

// 38,492

Canadian men are world renowned for their ability to sport a beard regardless of the situation, of welcoming multiculturalism as a tasty buffet of flavours, and being equally comfortable taking selfies in the gym or in the wilderness.

// 6,837

With over 6,000 couples successfuly placed in Canadian marriages, sign up now to join the growing number of couples experiencing the joy of financially beneficial matrimony!

  • Fatemeh - Iranian

    “When my girlfriend was killed for being gay, I knew it was time to leave Iran behind. Tammy opened her heart and her home to me, and I only had to open my wallet. She said that out of everyone who's moved in on the first date, I'm her favourite.”

    Fatemeh - Iranian

  • testimonial image

    “I am excited to find a husband. I am not lonely, I am just cold. I don't think Americans understand how cold it is up here. My balls are in my stomach.”

    Mike - Canadian

  • testimonial image

    "All my life, I knew only two things to be absolute: Guns and Skynyrd. I didn't realize dick would be such a natural fit! Now I'm hooked!"

    Max - American

  • testimonial image

    “I thought I was signing up to meet chicks but I needed the money and the blowjobs are good!”

    Pierre - Canadian


Your future Canadian will set the price of their "wedding gift" which will be held safely through your minimum marriage duration in our secure Homo Escrow account. As a future married couple you may choose from the following service packages which will be automatically credited from your account.

Madonna (Classic)

  • Immigration documents
  • Passport
  • City hall wedding
  • Wedding officiated by Jason Kenney

Beyoncé (Standard)

  • Immigration documents
  • Passport
  • Wedding at CN Tower
  • Wedding officiated by Scott Thompson

Gaga (Premium)

  • Immigration documents
  • Passport photos by Bruce LaBruce
  • Wedding officiated by Justin Trudeau
  • Honeymoon at Black & Blue (MTL)

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